Deepak Baghel’s Courageous Journey: Navigating Challenges at IIT Bombay


Deepak Baghel shared this picture on LinkedIn

In his heartfelt account shared on LinkedIn, Deepak Baghel, an alumnus of IIT Bombay turned motivational speaker, opened up about the profound challenges he faced during his college years, including financial hardship, academic setbacks, and emotional turmoil. Baghel’s courageous narrative sheds light on the silent struggles endured by many students, and his journey serves as a beacon of hope in conversations around mental health and resilience.

Baghel candidly recounted the distressing experience of having his hostel room locked due to financial constraints, which left him deeply humiliated among his peers. He spoke of the immense strain of securing funds not only for his own hostel fees but also for his sister’s medical college expenses. His narrative underscores the harsh realities faced by students grappling with financial instability, highlighting the need for support systems to address such challenges.

“Additionally, Baghel shared the blow to his confidence when he failed a first-year course and had to retake it in his fifth year. Public criticism from a professor at IIT Bombay, who questioned his ability due to coming from a government Hindi medium school in Madhya Pradesh, further compounded his struggles. He also navigated language barriers, struggling to understand English questions during his initial year at the elite institution. These experiences shed light on the challenges many students encounter when transitioning into academic environments with different linguistic and educational expectations.”

Further highlighting institutional rigidity, Baghel detailed how another professor failed him due to a stringent Academic Reinforcement Program rule, leading to his Moodle account being disabled for six months. This forced him to handle all academic tasks offline, including course registration and subjected him to constant embarrassment when seeking course enrollments.

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